Livall Smart Helmet

Safety Redefined

  • Two Types: Water Resistant & Water Proof
  • Timely rescue in case of crash
  • Group Ride real-time intercom
  • Equipment easy connection

How does it work?

  1. Turn on your Helmet
  2. Connect the Remote
  3. Connect your Smartphone
  4. Connect the Riding App

Extra Features

Charging Port Helmet: Magnetic USB

Charging Time Approx. 3hrs

Battery: 9 hours for lights/3-6 hours music with lights

  • Smart Lighting  – Tail lights and turn signals controlled by handlebar remote
  • Hands Free – Windbreak Mic and Bluetooth Speaker you can answer or make phone calls when it’s necessary.
  • Stereo – Listen to your favorite tunes
  • SOS Alert – In the event of a crash, impact sensors in the helmet are activated and automatically call the emergency number you entered into the app, and dispatches EMS to your location via your phone’s GPS.
  • Walkie Talkie – When riding in a group, communicate with your fellow cyclists using the walkie talkie feature.

Get In Touch

Contact or 780.984.7983